Injured investors

The Foundation provides a vehicle to litigate in its own name but for the benefit of injured investors and/or to establish a binding settlement that, together with the US class action, provides for a truly global settlement.

It is important that investors who (a) transacted in a financial instrument derived from interest rate benchmarks such as EURIBOR and LIBOR and/or paid interest or any other sum on the basis of such instrument, between 1 January 2001 and 30 June 2011 and (b) suffered and/or are in danger of suffering (further) damages as a consequence of the manipulation of the various interest rate benchmarks described in the Articles, contact Elco Investor Services, LLC so that on behalf of the Foundation it can determine eligibility with respect to the Dutch action. Eligible damaged investors can join the action of the Foundation with no upfront cost or risk.

No Cure-No Pay

The Foundation works closely together with Elco Investor Services, LLC. Damaged investors can join with no upfront financial risk or commitment. Elco Investor Services, LLC absorbs all costs associated with the litigation, including: fixed legal fees, expert fees, court fees, and claims processing fees (if litigation is successful), as well as all other costs associated with plaintiff liability (so-called “Loser Pays” insurance). In exchange for financing the Foundation, Elco Investor Services, LLC will collect a contingency fee if the litigation results in a successful financial outcome for damaged investors.

For joining and more information the Foundation recommends to visit: